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BASIC 10Liner

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There aren't controls. It's a board game.

A and D to steer left and right, SPACE to shoot.

You don't have to load the DOS menu, because it' s a Basic file. Boot it with Basic enabled, then type LOAD"D:MC.BAS"

Get the CHASEME.ATR file and set it as drive 1 in a real Atari (or emulator). Turn the computer on and the game should start after the loading completes. A joystick in port 1 is required.

NOTE: This game is for PAL computers. For NTSC computers, the ATR contains a file called CHASEMEN.XEX with minor changes in color palette and timers.

You are very fast with your video. 

Good work!

Hope, we will see more this year. New contest starting soon.

Check out the docs :)

Good luck with the contest!

If the author of the game publish it, the download will be enabled here.

All games will be published here at the end of the contest (27th of march).


Great, Mark. I will make an update of the downloads soon.