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Thank you!

Loved the blender animation, it was imersive.

The art and music was great, but i could not understand the gameplay, sorry :(

Yes, me too, but i like it the details of the art, like the clothes and weapons, realy good. 

Yay :)

Thank you for your feedback, if we decide to continue with the game, we will put those features you mencioned.

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Yes, we had a total different idea, like new maps and towers, even enemy units, but u know, 72h was not enough. But it was fun, thank you for your feedback. It was only my second time doing sfx and music and my first doing drawings on krita,  it was so hard for me. Im happy to see a lot of good comments about my work.

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Thank you for your feedback. Besides the difficulties, we had a lot of fun. I liked your game too. I am still a amateur at musics and arts, im very glad that i did a good work.

Best game of the jam for sure, how did u made that sick animation? Blender? 

Loved the game, great work

i like the concept, but i miss a more human animation and maybe a button for dodge or defense, but is fun anyway

Omg this game is so great, i am just a little curious about how didi you made those sprites for the lion amd wich programs did you used. I loved the art