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Awesome game with a very good level of difficlty! Got to the end in about 25 min.

Only gripe is that both control schemems involve having movement to the right of the jump and dash buttons. Which made made it harder to play usign left hand for movement. Ende dup having to cross my arms just to I could move with left hand like I’m used to from most games.

Fun idea!
I like the root Swing mechanic a lot!

FYI for anyone as dumb as me the holes leasd to next areas. Need to use E to interact.

Great job everyone,
Love the music and how the scared pople mumble!

The UI issue preventing mouse form being used hs been fixed.

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Crap, forgot to test UI on mouse and keyboard. Did final play testing on controller only.

Try using a gamepad (I used PS4)

If you want to try KBM again maybe pressing enter might work.

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Awsome puzzle game, the flow of the game is great. It feels good to unblock the critters by getting help from a freind.

This is a really cool game I had lots of fun playing it so I showed it to a friend. He got a little carried away and broke my light on the ceiling, we thought it was part of the game for a bit. THanks for the aweosme game demo

10/10 would break my lights again!!