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actually a very nice short game, real cool headscratch XD it was not really keen on a part that in oredr to leave i had to use task manager XD 

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I think it is a very nice game, kept me on my toes the whole time, a very enjoyable music and can be replayed if wanted to because it is interesting enough.

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OMG where do I start I loved thi sso so so much, it was awesome its like such awesome intro like of the game, its the feeling i got, i love the quality of the environment, it was not as scary as i thought it would be, BUT the audio made me stay on my toes and stay aware of my surroundings. 

Grate job really really good game/pitch/demo ^^ 

Tried game, I like it, it is short and interesting, artstyle used is really nice, I like used colours for the night sky. Music in background kept me calm until it took and went all emotional on me and I liked that. Thank you for the game ^^ It is interesting ^^

An really nice game I must say, very adictive ^^ I enjoyed it a lot. 

A very interesting game ^^ quite simple though. Nice art style too 

I must say a very enjoyable game ^^ a little challenging as well which is really nice ^^ thank you fof game I enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for the game, I see it is not overcomplicated, but my oh my how it pulled me in and how it wheeled in my curiosity ^^ i loved it a lot shame i did not see sakura though in current journey. very good job on a game 

It is indeed interesting game and i was being way to hasty and jumping in to the game XD omg it gets all so dark after first screen and it gets so much harder to do anything when its so dark ^^ this game need some patience and skill, well done and thank you for the game ^^ 

THis was so strange and bizzare, unexpected experience ^^ I enjoyed it anyway ^^ THank you for game 

I liked the music, it left me more puzzled though at the end of the game XD Thank you though for the game ^^

I am not sure what is the purpose of this game to be honest, but i was quite intrigued in this, in adition not being able to leave game and game being upset with me for leaving found interesting 

Thank you it was interesting experience 

Thank you, otherwise i loved it :)

A very nice game, i like how sky has been coloured and interaction with phone was interesting. It was slow pased but for what it is at the end its just what it needed to be ^^ thank you for a nice game ^^

A very good game scared me XD i had to restart few times game in order to pick up newspaper at end of the game. Keep up the good work ^^ 

sheesh u scared me i literally thought its just a house simulator