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Game runs a lot better and is more understandable. I like the direction you took it to use it as a poll of a sort. Less bugs.

Didn't work on Edge either.

Found a glitch, if you redirect your source area into the second spot, then back into itself, it auto fills into a large dot. Also the second level won't load on chrome. I'm gonna try other browser

I was on chrome. I switched to Edge to see if that was the problem and it was.

Fun game, but kept freezing on me.

I'd like to have a goal to work towards while playing and an incentive for people to not leave

Be The Gun really felt like a downgrade rather then an upgrade.

Very aggravating having to click over and over again to just find the right body part. If you revisit this concept, maybe have it be in catagories?

Good art tho!

eye art is neat, but the sound design leaves much to be desired.  maybe put a cap on the speed a player can go?

oh my god this was amazing and horrible.

The music is very homestucky.  I love it