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cool thanks!

there's another one here:

what's the difference?

what about this one:

this looks like an ad

cool thanks!

if i edit a tile using the sprite editor, when do the changes get saved to the file system? i don't see a save button like i do on the map editor. i notice things can get out of sync if i edit a sprite, then right-click "reload" on the tilesheet in the assets window, for example.

thanks! awesome tool!

thanks for playing! also that's the highest score i've seen so far :)

this one was so cute! loved the message too :)

awesome thanks!

or will there be another theme? thanks!

thanks :D

aw thank you!! <3


this was lovely! who knew i would get so emotionally invested in a pong game! i want to know what happens next :)

this is awesome!

the timing of this news story and this game jam... COINCIDENCE??

there is an end. sometimes the gems get hidden behind a wall, though xD or maybe they might even clip through the walls and off the game floor. sorry about that!

cool demo!

this is gorgeous! the tv screens, the animations, the black & white scanlines... all help evoke the atmosphere that goes so well with the written content.

i like the hand-drawn/paper look! and you even got a boss battle in there which is pretty impressive. nice job on the parallax scrolling too! and i see what you mean about the hearts :)

oh haha yeah those are the default unity controls! i should have mentioned you can also use the left mouse button to fire, so WASD + mouse should work :)

and thanks! and yeah i drew my own hearts too haha. i'm about to play your game so i'll get to see yours!

i love the aesthetic and i love the mechanic! such a great idea that fits the atmosphere well. can't wait to see more


love the sugar rush (and following crash)!


yeah it's not done yet :) i have added head bouncing, but bullets still don't hurt you. thanks for playing!

i played and rated it! it's a really cute metroidvania, much bigger than i was expecting!

hooray for corgis :)

is there a simple way to set the background colour of a scene? sorry if the answer is obvious-- i just can't seem to find it. i thought it might be a property of the camera or the scene but i guess not?