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Cool little game. I love how colourful the colour palette is for it, makes me keep wondering what I'll see next~

I just finished Nowhere Girl and wow, I didn't expect that at all. I'll try to avoid any spoilers, but I was expecting it to end far earlier before the journey to P. I thought it was a really original and interesting take on unrequited love. I loved the uncertainty of getting to know Pseudo, constantly wondering how much might be an act or not just to have you fall for her.

One tiny niggle I had with it was that it felt like the writing didn't really fit a female protagonist, there were a couple of points where I felt it was clearly written with a male character in mind. Namely the willingness to hang out with a random stranger at the bar, and a few of their jokey comments to Pseudo about wishing for a topless ghost who delivered beer.

I really enjoyed it overall though, and the worldbuilding towards the end was an unexpected and exciting surprise. I'm really eager to see any future installments in the series~

This was absolutely adorable, such a chill experience. It really brought back the memories of facing graduation for me. I just wanted to leave my computer on that last scene forever.