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Amazing!! This one really got me xD 

Not what i expected lol good job!

This definitely caught me off guard ~ very good 

Whoa!! Very creepy and interesting, cant wait for more ~ 

Love the secret endings!!! Great game ~

Love it!! Had fun playing ^~^ got all endings too

U did a great job!! The atmosphere was insane and so were the jum


Cant wait for the full ^~^!!!!

Good plot and very creepy!!

Had me freaking out LOL!!!!!

HAHA the cookie had enough!!! Good game! 

I heard of this creepy pasta before and this is how i imagined it to be!! This was really good

I loved the art, music and the concept!  I found it while scrolling on the browse page! I would def play if there was more <3

The whispering definitely got me omg 10/10 game! 

Oh! The suspense was intense haha ! Cant wait for the full game!!

This was CRAZYYYY!!! Got me good!! Good job

Plot twist within a plot twist!! Well done

Great story telling and that jumpscare!! Was not expecting


This was GOOOOOD!!!! The dance and everything!! 

Heres my lets play of it! I did get stuck when i picked up Henry note but great game!!


Simple yet, very interesting!!! Love it 

I enjoy
I enjoyed this one, creepy and short!!! The level of creepy was 98% XD

Short, Fun and Surprising!! Good Game~

Honestly got so used to jumpscares that this made me feel even more uneasy! Simple and straight to the point! 

That got me LOL i do wish there was like commands to like E and stuff for the popcorn ^~^ but good game

The ppl leaving notes are lying LOL  Got me on the first one tbh cx

On edge the entire time! Gave me Blair Witch Vibes ! Cant wait for more!

I wasn't expecting outside XD Oh my 

Good game!! The jumpscares were good!!

This was very interesting and cool!!! I love the concept, didnt expect it 😭

It was a set up T^T I knew it LOL Good Game!

U got me!! Good game 👏

Always hated elevators but this was good!! I do wish there was a chasing scene tho!

Eerie and creepy! Awesome game!!! 

Good Game!! I really felt that at the end 😭

Short and simple game! Very fun!

Out of all the games I played....this actually spooked me. 43 yrs...see u then

i would like to become a jackrabbit as well 😆Super cute game!!

Enjoyed playing! Well done!