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Oh awesome thank you! I assumed there was no way to win the dialogue with Karen at the beginning cos it seemed like one of those obligatory game starting cutscenes that always goes the same way haha. That's a neat way to hide an ending!

And oh that's how you unlock dates! I was having trouble figuring out which places unlock which other places. I got the anime and the cat ones so now thanks to your help I have them all phew! Gonna try and play some more and hope I can get a better ending!

Its really impressive you made a game with his many endings during a game jam! But I'm finding it really impossible to get any of them. I can never seen to raise her affection enough to avoid the bad end and whenever I try and romance the other girl instead Kuku just murders me, even if I never did anything to hint to her I was interested so it makes no sense she's acting like I'm cheating when we're just friends. Would it be possible to post a guide or maybe hints on what the requirements are for each ending?

Also confused what to do to get the other two cat type endings cos whatever I do after she adopts the cat I always seem to just get cat cafe.

addy maximum chaotic energy holy shit also BEST FLOOFHAIR

Really excited to support this project as it progresses!!! I'm already so attatched to everybody just from this little slice of time with them!

I really loved this, it was great how it metaphorically relates SO MUCH to the current experience so many people have with long distance relationships during lockdown. 

But it's also great wish fullfillment for how I wish we could all really go on magical imaginary walks to the beach together, or share the taste of food through the phone!

And then it was SO relateable how Marjoram's magic backfiring if she overuses it is a metaphor for anxiety from pushing yourself too hard to like.. act normal, and pretend you aren't stressed, when really its okay to be vunerable and the people who love you will understand.

I especially liked that there's two different endings but neither of them is a bad end. It's just "you pushed yourself too hard and had a panic attack, but get comforted and learn its okay to take a break when you need it" or "you realize you're beyond your limits before the panic attack happens, and take a break when you need it, and your girlfriend is proud of you" They both end on the same uplifting note! Even if you fail, it isn't the end of the world, and she won't stop loving you!

So yeah this was a super awesome heartwarming little game and I love it loads, and I'm cheering on these adorable characters and their adorable love!!

The only small suggestion I have is that maybe somewhere in the game it can say how many endings there are, so you know when youve got them all? I know it says on the itchio description that there are two but whoops I didn't read that before playing so I was wondering if I missed an ending. (Since theres no bad endings lol , I thought I missed it!)

Aww this is cute! I get anxious a lot when doing stuff alone and I know it's irrational but I can't stop feeling it. This is a nice little idea to help people who have this problem!

It means so much to hear this, seriously! Its so rare to get a chance to hear confirmations about stuff like this, you're a really great creator for answering people's questions like this!
Aaaa I'm even more hyped to follow all of your future projects now!!

That was so AMAZING!

I loved all the creative speculative fiction aspect, like the worldbuilding of how Iris deals with mimicking a physical form she's not used to. That was really intriguing and helped so much to get inside her head!
And I loved that the 'moral' of the whole thing was that nobody is really 'perfect', and that even if you love somebody more than anything else it's not healthy to idolize them as if you're worthless and they never feel pain ever. It really hit me right in the heart when Iris opened up to Lily at the end, yknow? God that was SO GOOD!

Kind of random additional comment: am I just being silly to get a bit of transgender headcanons here? I don't know if I'm imposing my own experiences onto this, but to me it felt like Iris didn't have any big traditional magic reason to hate her 'true name', it just wasn't her 'true name' even though it was what she was born with. And maybe that was intentionally meant to be relateable to trans people, or maybe it was just a coicnidence, but it added even more reasons why this story hit me so hard in the emotions. it was just really well made! Thank you so much for this great little slice of an intriguing romance, and I'd love to see more adventures of this amazing couple in the future!

Does this contain all the same stuff as the steam rpgmaker version, or is there more? Is this just the same thing but with a general license?