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Aww this is cute! I get anxious a lot when doing stuff alone and I know it's irrational but I can't stop feeling it. This is a nice little idea to help people who have this problem!

It means so much to hear this, seriously! Its so rare to get a chance to hear confirmations about stuff like this, you're a really great creator for answering people's questions like this!
Aaaa I'm even more hyped to follow all of your future projects now!!

That was so AMAZING!

I loved all the creative speculative fiction aspect, like the worldbuilding of how Iris deals with mimicking a physical form she's not used to. That was really intriguing and helped so much to get inside her head!
And I loved that the 'moral' of the whole thing was that nobody is really 'perfect', and that even if you love somebody more than anything else it's not healthy to idolize them as if you're worthless and they never feel pain ever. It really hit me right in the heart when Iris opened up to Lily at the end, yknow? God that was SO GOOD!

Kind of random additional comment: am I just being silly to get a bit of transgender headcanons here? I don't know if I'm imposing my own experiences onto this, but to me it felt like Iris didn't have any big traditional magic reason to hate her 'true name', it just wasn't her 'true name' even though it was what she was born with. And maybe that was intentionally meant to be relateable to trans people, or maybe it was just a coicnidence, but it added even more reasons why this story hit me so hard in the emotions. it was just really well made! Thank you so much for this great little slice of an intriguing romance, and I'd love to see more adventures of this amazing couple in the future!

Does this contain all the same stuff as the steam rpgmaker version, or is there more? Is this just the same thing but with a general license?