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Think there be any chance that you make a horse drawn carriage/some kind of horse or other animal drawn transport in the future? 

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I'm always impressed by what you release, but this in particular blew me away. Might been cause I always been a sucker for sun/moon themes but this I just love. Great idea and execution. 
Only downside is i need to make a game where those two themes are applicable now :P, but thats a feature not a bug as they say. 

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Just here to echo what Harmony said, I like all the characters already, the interactions and relationships didnt feel forced and can looking forward to how they will evolve. and Oh boy am I loving that we get some choices on how the princess feels over the whole lets throw the whole continent into chaos. All in all it just looks very promising and Im looking forward to full release for sure, love me some morally greyness and the potentual therein.

So tldr> Top notch job and 100% buying when it releases. 

Health and winter rest firtst, seems perfectly sensible. Hope Sally will recover soon, gotta be a huge bummer to get a relapse for em. 

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Awesome to hear Sallys doing better! Just dont overwork yourselves now. Though I wont lie and say im not excited for the upcomng progress but slwo and steady, all that
Also fire slug is one of the perfect profile pictures in discord, so thanks for them precious little flames. 

Ah I might have misunderstod, early access was only if you backed up the kickstarter and not for pre-ordering? If yes, makes sense. I just wait a little bit more if thats the case^^.

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Tommorows finally the day^^ got so glad when I saw the release date was just in a few days when I rechecked if any of the games I liked were releasing soon. Loved the demo with its mechanics and most importantly the characters, good stuff.