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I am playing for the Runan and Joseph routes. So far I have been only to get Joseph to go with me to the waterfall. What options do I pick for Runan to gain affection? I think I made a misstep somewhere.

Thank you.

I'm sure you have already answered this question, but what species is the protagonist?

what is the species of the protagonist?

Don't revise it

I am sorry to hear you feel discouraged. People's opinions of your work do not equate to the time and effort you put into this.

Just keep up the good work. You can always clean up as you go. This could be a first draft if you choose to do so. But I can tell you are putting your heart into this and that's all that matters. I am hoping for some hot scenes with the bear 

So excited. Love this game. Terry is 😍

Or just until you are finished. Because I am really liking the story so far.

How many days do you plan on doing for each character? A week or a month?

Hope one day you are able to get an english translation. This looks amazing!

would also like to know

People who have play the vn, is it worth the 30$? How long would you say the routes are? Ball park guess. Just trying to make smart economic decisions before I commit to shelling out the cash. I did play the demo and enjoyed it, but still wanted to get a consenus.

I realize this is not done yet, but if I wanted to start playing this chronologically with the first game, where would I begin?

I am totally willing to donate to help with funding, if there is still a chance

I know this depends on funding but I was wondering if the orc route has been funded yet?

how do you meet the thief requirement?

Is it an lgbt game like their other stuff?

I always get excited when you post new stuff both on ao3 and here on

I am totally on board with this project and behind you 100%

Ok, I just wanted to make sure. Thank you.

Thank you. Actually I am playing the PC version. I was a little confused because I was doing the duel with Teak and did the empathy thing where I saw into his head and then it went to the Blackest Corner. Is that supposed to be a game end? I will go ahead and join discord

I just reached The Blackest Corner part after my battle with Teak. Not sure how to proceed from here (when I click BARK it just takes me back to Gallery.) How do I continue or did I reach the end of the game already?


Is there any romance in the game? I read somewhere its not NSFW which I'm fine with. Also the protagonist (not Beek) is human, right?

I appreciate that. You are an excellent writer with an excellent vocabulary. I write quite a bit myself, working on a wester/fantasy horror novel with LGBT characters. I know it's off topic, just wanted to shoot you some encouragement. Writing can be cathartic, but it is not an easy endeavor.

Did you ever finish species recombination? I found the first chapter, really enjoyed it, and was wondering if you had a second one that was published?

This game is really something. Can't wait for more.

That's okay. I thought maybe you had to reach a certain level before you could gain a body. I enjoy your work regardless of how smooth the game runs, so don't worry about it. You're very talented.

Hi, I don't know if this is the place to ask this but with your HELL game I was wondering if you could tell me how I met get a new body other than a sphere.

Me too. Waiting with great excitement and patience.

Is there something wrong with the discord server? Every time I click the link it just comes up blank.

My apologies, I found him.

Hi there, just started playing the game. I am having trouble finding the arcade for some reason.

So I am not a game programmer...and I hate pointing out errors because I feel like I'm being critical so keep in mind that I'm not...but I just began chapter 3 and the main character is on the plane flight back to see Julia and Nick is with him even though I didn't bring Nick along with me for the trip. Basically I'm the only one that applied for the job. Is that an error or is that supposed to happen?

Thank you so much! I am super excited!

That's what I figured. I will be waiting excitedly for the other routes then.