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Hey thanks! You play both an adventurer and a villager, each of whom needs things that are more or less impossible to get without inconvenience and calamity to the opposite group. It's a short freeform one-shot game with a very simple set of rules that center the fundamental imbalance in power between dungeon-crawling knuckleheads and somewhat innocent villagers who just want to be left alone. Time Possum and Four Liars would be good play-alikes generally.

Perfect Viewscream backdrop!

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Thanks Keith, that means a lot to me -- Jason

Thank you! Balance wasn't a consideration - in a game like this that's a social contract issue - but lots of people have played and enjoyed it. It's pretty unstructured, so adjust your expectations accordingly! I hope you get a chance to give it a try, the wonderful things your friends  come up with are always really delightful. - Jason

We've uploaded a corrected PDF- thanks for spotting that! -Jenn

Thanks for letting us know! -Jenn

Ah, OK! We'll see what we can do.

 Thanks for asking! Yes, we price our games fairly to compensate the designers for the work that went into them.

Thank you!