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Thanks so much for the kind words!

If you're into mechs and LOTS of lore and crunchy, modular combat mechanics, it's a real winner.

Love this, Jean! I feel like  these could work for a game like Lancer, too. 

That's cool. Thank you!

Bonjour! Do you plan to release this in English? Thank you!

Awesome! Having it in the jam will help hold me accountable to finishing it. :)

Hello! I'm still working on my Random Adventure, Sun to Kill the Traitor, but I doubt it'll be done before the jam ends. Is it all right to submit it to the jam as a WIP and then update it once it's all done?

This is so cool! Great work! Can't wait to give a full reading!

great idea, thank you! We'll get right on that!

hi! We must of course recommend our own store:

But it should also be available at Rooks Press, Floating Chair and another well known store soon! 

Hey, thank you! That's cool it was written about in Teeth. Thanks for saying so!

Love this! Well done!

thank you! The organization was inspired by both Lasers & Feelings and Galactic 2e playbooks. 

by all means! I’ve made it CC, so you’re free to do with this as you wish! 

Played the Announcer last week as part of a Galactic game centered around dart racing. I had an absolute blast shouting out narrative beats while the other players raced. 

These playbooks fit in great with the game's standard ones, so if you want a thrilling side story or a big spectacle for your session, these playbooks and pillars will fit the bill!

I am a former English teacher who assigned Gatsby to his sophomores. I love the book! Also this is my first jam!