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A few things I could think to mention after trying the demo:

- The game ran well on my non-gaming laptop in full screen, and sensed my third-party 360 controller without any problems.

- The Radiant Silvergun feel here is particularly strong, particularly in the music, though the laser's obviously a shoutout to DoDonPachi. I generally like what I've seen of the overall art style and theme you're going for.

- Speaking of the laser, definitely tone down the glow effects on it, or at least offer an option to do so, as it's intense enough to make anything it overlaps, enemy bullets included, hard to see.

- On a related note, I found myself using the laser almost constantly, as the "normal" shot feels too weak to bring down all but the weakest enemies before they leave the screen; the only times I used it was when the laser's "focused" movement speed was too slow for me to get where I was going.

- Powerups seemed rather rare (and apparently you can destroy them accidentally?), and losing a life downgrades your shot, so I spent a lot of my time at the starting power level, which made the bullet-sponge boss fights (particularly the third one) last even longer. You might want to retool the powerup system so players don't feel unduly handicapped.

- Definitely add some kind of visible warning before the come-from-behind enemies appear; deaths you can't see coming feel cheap, and the common "well, now you know, and can avoid them next time" is a cop-out . An audio cue to signal when the smart bomb is available would also be nice.

- As it stands now the teleport feels awkward to use; you've got plenty of meter so you're encouraged to take your time and plan your destination, but since your ship remains vulnerable the entire time it's both risky to plan too long (especially in fast-scrolling segments and bullet-heavy boss fights) and near-impossible to use on reaction, since whatever's bearing down on you will kill you before you can move the cursor to a safe spot. If you haven't already, you might want to try titles like Valkyrius and Zangeki Warp to observe other ways to implement a teleport mechanic.

Overall there's a lot of potential here, but IMO the gameplay needs tightening up; hopefully there's something here you can use. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to clarify/expand upon, and best of luck with the project.

Thanks kindly for getting back to me: weirdly, I tried the game again the other day with a different controller (but the same make) and this time the A button seemed to work, which is especially weird since no other game gave me that sort of trouble...I'm kind of at a loss, frankly, heh. In any event, thanks again, and let me know if there's anything you'd want me to help you test.

Hi, I'm playing this game with a third-party 360 controller, and while all the buttons work fine in the menus, during actual gameplay I get no response from the A button (though the B button for dodging works fine, as does the analog stick). I'm on Windows 10, if that helps - any help you could offer would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi; I like what I've played of the game, but during the "knife fight" after a few attacks the game seems to semi-freeze and I'm unable to click anything or progress; any idea what might need fixing? I'm on Windows 10 if that helps. Thanks in advance!