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Haha, well, do enjoy this little game, and save as many sanctums as possible!:)) thank you for this!

Great! I tested this option while developing the game initially, but it seemed too tough in some playthroughs, especially towards the end. But I absolutely love that you houseruled it to this tough difficulty and that it works for you, and it adds realism to that as well.  Maybe, I will add it to the rules as another difficulty option at some point. Thank you for this inspiring comment! Do you have a favorite room? I always feel nice when I use the Obsidram to deal a lot of damage, but probably in a narrative sense I like to take up arms with my guardian in the field the most:))

I am happy you like it! Thank you. That tense feeling while facing box monsters and running around the sanctum...I had this all the time while playtesting:)

It is a year since I posted the map above from the Sanctuary of my guardian. Even now, I still love the game and I filled the world around the sanctuary (see Sar Varok on the map) and created a map of several realms. Thank you Meghan for pushing my creativity!

Thank youu!

Love this game, very good for discovery writing. My guardian even made a crude map of the sanctuary he was guarding:)