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Thanks! I made all of the animations, but the music was a very last minute thing, haha.

No, each room is an object, generated on command when you use a door. The coordinates are checked, and if the room already exists, you go there. Otherwise, it creates a new room, with it's doors and walls based on the configuration of all the rooms that already exist, and adds itself to the list.

The ending was kinda a last minute thing, but when I realized how well it fit with the mechanics I couldn't resist, haha.

Yeah, I generated the floors room by room as you entered them, and there was no guarantee of any specific thing showing up on a floor (though I did try to make stairs common enough you would usually find them). I'm aware of that bug with the door linking, but I had already spent over three days on the rooms alone and it didn't happen all that often, so I let it be. In retrospect it might be easier to generate the whole floor at a time, which would probably fix both of those problems.