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Enjoyable game, witty narrative and loved the NPC sidequests

Great pixel art. I love cyberpunk so I loved this game. Well done and I can't wait to play more of your games in the future

Thank you for playing and noticing the reference to Link. 

Thank you for your kind words! I wish you the best of luck too

This game is phenomenal! 

I could end my review right here, but there's so much I want to praise about this game.


This game has an unique and gripping narrative of the game and had me hooked from the outset.  The characters are well developed and have relatable personalities. I was instantly attached to Lynn from the start and as the story progressed, I could understand why. 

Graphics/Art Work

The mixture of 2D art and pixel art *chef kiss*.  I'm obsessed with pixel art, like so obsessed I've decided to learn how to draw pixel art. I believe pixel art is a timeless art form, especially for games. The pixel art and animation is phenomenal, especially the background scenery. I LOVED when the characters were in a high place, the camera would move too (e.g. on top of the build looking down on the NSB HQ).  

Combat System

The combat system is refreshing and intuitive. I like the idea of using Morale to boost the characters attacks and how this can be boosted depending on your chosen dialogue.


I thoroughly enjoy video game music soundtracks and the music in this game always set the tone of each scene. 

This game deserves more accolades as there's so much attention to detail: incorporating different languages, using interpreters, using a modern setting with a timeless art form (pixel art).

I was lucky enough to get this game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I cannot wait til the game is completed and released in full as I want to back the developers and whole team as they deserve all the success. 

Thank you so much team. I can't wait for the next chapter!

**Sidenote: I laughed when I read the email sent about the work food thief (I won't say anymore) but I found this so related. **

**Sidenote 2: Sorry if there's any spelling and grammar mistake, honestly I'm just bad at both**

ahh sorry the game controls are incorrect  - i quickly copied and pasted what was in the gb studio. try hitting enter. i'll update the controls now

An sweet game with lovely characters. Good narrative  game with engaging dialogue. The game was very relaxing. Would highly recommend 

Got this game as part of the Racial Justice and Equality Bundle. Short game with a well thought out narrative. Thank you so much for to the developers - I learnt so much from this game

Awesome game!