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Hi, I found a bug, it made the game freeze.
I choose "Change Scene" option.

Please fix it if possible/when you have time to.

It's much better once I understood that I need to hold down C instead of spamming it in spots where I want to mine, oops.

Interesting 2P rhythm game prototype, personally would like to see this developed further some day. :) But thanks for prototype, in any case!

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Hi, tried it in spanish and liking the drawn graphics. :)

But it got stuck in a empty dialogue when I tried to talk with baker after getting apple pie.

Is it only me or does the 2nd password have an actual meaning, if spoken to the main character? :)

Hint: White block goes into bottom portal, but first you need to help red block up to middle area.

Really nice, simple strategy game! Thanks!

But it could use undo or something that would allow you to cancel your previous move, if you haven't ended turn yet. :)

Such a nice path where multiple of my allies survive instead of just one. :)

Thanks for the game!

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@Phigames Hi, I don't know if you are still active, but I have a bug report. :)

This game seems to freeze on the screen saying about leading Mrs Wickerman into the room.

Debug screen I got with F9(I think?):

Thanks for a game, in any case! :)

Had to skip one puzzle, not sure which one.

But very neat game! :)

And last move has to be square?

Level 19 is so hard, please give an clue? :(

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Gives me serious Dance of Fire and Ice vibes. (rhythm game)

Level 18 mostly, but not that bad :)

Neat game, but for unknown reason some asteroids get stuck on screen as static images

I got ending where Red's biotechnically skilled friend will recreate Red's grandmas brains, not sure if this is happy ending or not.

Ok, thank you! :)

Also FAQ could mention that player can destroy enemy projectiles? :)

I keep getting killed on church level, barely managed to access part two of church and then got killed. :(

It would be lovely to get infinite HP somehow.

Boxes that I cannot push into spikes/unreachable location 5/5

Oh wait, these spikes... Sharp only from top, they are... :P

Kinda think that these flat bugs shouldn't stop under spikes, level (3?) got unwinnable. Other than that, great game. :)

I don't know if we can discover two bottom weapons on that screencapture, but it's good game anyways.