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Replied to bannock in GORN comments

Why thank you very much! Now that you have provided my the information on how to play it, the game now actually opens! Also, I haven't played it yet though because I'm replying to your very helpful comment. It's such a great thing to know that the internet has such a helpful community like this. So thank you for actually READING my comment, I thought nobody would read it because it would take years. I also thank you for even caring to reply to me, I mean you are just looking to download this game, and then you decide to look at the comments and actually help a person like me. So thank you VERY much, I'm now going to play the game, and god bless you.

Posted in GORN comments

So I made an account just to post this comment. I have already bought this game once now, and it was quite a long time ago, and within that time my computer broke and my hard drive got erased. Bit it's okay, because I plan to get the game again on Christmas 2016. But there is one problem that I encountered when I first downloaded the game, How do I play it? I have been hearing about how people have been playing it on Steam but I fail to see it in the store. So I am guessing this is where I get it. But what do I do so I can play it with Steam Vr?