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Bugs & Kisses

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Thanks so much for playing! We're glad you enjoyed the very contents of our little tube hearts. <3

We hope to launch a kickstarter campaign in July/August of 2017! Keep an eye (or five) out for us!

As one of the creators is a full-time student graduating college this coming winter, it's difficult to promise a release date sooner than 2018. This demo is self-contained and a story on its own, and only a few of the resources can be re-used for the full game due to size restrictions, so we're basically starting from scratch again. However, if we do well enough on our crowdfunding campaign in the summer, we'll be able to work on the game part to full-time to bring you the game faster and more robust than before!

The final product will be available for purchase, but we wanted everyone to be able to play the demo and get a taste of what we can do!

; w; Thank you so much! What a sweet comment. We love our characters so much, and we're happy you do too!

Thank you so much!! Rosalie is an utter delight. Everyone on the team absolutely adores her and put a lot of work into making her the best she can be!


We watched your video and are so flattered and happy that you had fun playing! We just fixed the script errors you caught, which was a total lifesaver!! We hope you'll keep an eye on us for when the full game comes out, too!

Thank you so much!! We worked really hard making a story and game we were very proud of. Your smile is a perfect Valentine's Day Git for us!

PS: You're welcome! Co-creator Esabelle Ryngin is an entomologist and science cartoonist who can't resist teaching about how cool insects are!