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I can't wait to play this, it's so absolutely gorgeous!

drew an ant from memory,,,

loved it!

really sad it was so short but honestly that was really good. i hope you make more games this was wonderful

wow. how sad. so so so so good. and beautiful? i love the storytelling i did not expect it to go like that !

seems awesome if it would let me play

tysm for the reply! id love to watch that!! im so excited ^_^

ookay!! tysm ^_^

i cannot wait to play this. do you think this would be an okay game to start with if youre a beginner in the world of physical storytelling games ^_^?

havent played yet, went to download and it stopped me saying "stophat.exe is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous" whats this about :O?

I'm routing for you pal! Can't wait to play all your new games >:) 

just remember that criticism is important but rude comments are just people behind a screen

Hello! sorry it took so long but I finally got it to reload- it was right after your first text message  but I think the problem was more on my side than anything!

Lovely game except I'm stuck and I try to reload the game but to no avail.

Criticism is nice, but please do not dog on this game. Everyone needs to have a starting ground and simple saying its a shitty game doesn't help. Here is some genuine criticism, I do think some of the images are a little blurry and hard to convey. Other than that its a wonderful starting point and an amazing game. :)