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thanks, dude! 

Really enjoyed playing this. Really cool. Try to add more guns. 

: )

Really enjoyed playing your game.Its super fun. You  guys should make more levels like this.

sorry bro i dont have project files anymore...I stopped publishing here so i deleted all projects along with that

ooh thanks 


oooh really thanks 

Really thanks for playing my game 


the game is good but doesn't fit the theme. Anyway you made a good game with good art style in 72 hours that's a good thing. All the Best

little bit buggy else it is really a good game. Graphics is good but little more focus need on lighting of the scene anyway best of luck

First i didn't see the blue square moving while touching the square in center later i found how to play this game. But bro this really a good concept. You should make this game with more good graphics, more particle effects and more sound effects. Then it will be a good game. Now also it is really a good game but it will more better. 

nice game

Its a good game but the camera movement looks little weird to me. But its a really good game. I enjoyed it.

this is really a good game. I really like the graphics. the  game play reminded me of old Super Mario games . Super good job!

WOW it a really good game. Also loved the game concept. I think you should make this to a big project with more levels and more mechanics like this. Everyone will love this game 5/5 for you.

I think you add a nice background and some different UI buttons and some different messages with some good sound

good concept. looks good


ooh really  thanks

oooh really a good game. Really fits with the theme.  

Wow this game is really good. You have done a serious job. Overall game is super.  But I found the movement of character is little fast for me . Its super

I played the game looks good but i cant win it was simply opening the doors and going to another room. There was some zombie but they are not attacking. Also there is a small bug but its good

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oooh looks really good a graphics style inspired from BlackThornProd. I like it.

Gameplay is good and easy to play

ooh thanks! i will definitely play and rate your game

oooh really thanks

sure I will definitely play and rate your game 

Use ALT to fire 

I added ALT so that we can play game in one hand.

Thanks  for playing my game . I will definitely notice these things in my upcoming game. Thanks for the feedback .  


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I thought it will be so cool .we can play on one hand. Or if using right hand with arrows we can left hand with  alt to shoot or if using left hand with awsd keys we use right with right alt to shoot 

ooh thanks 

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I will definitely make a good game in my next game jam 

I am very bad at designing a game but I really love making games 🙄

i Really like this game. Can you make this for android also.

More over i like the 2d graphics of this game.

Hai Bro I am Bug, a fellow Indian indie game dev.

I cant download the game it failed two times. 

Try to add some screenshots of your work to this page so others can see you work before downloading the actual game.

Check my site