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• 100% Crash upon selecting Championship mode. This was already mentioned though.

• Sometimes during the "Hold accel [Z] to start" screen — pressing Z has the same function as pressing Enter to pause. I can't seem to reproduce this one but it happens about 20% of the time.

• Starting, restarting, or finishing a time trial resets your trail colour to blue. 

More details: When this happens I go into the options menu and change it to green. Reopening the options menu during the same time trial shows the trail option as "Trail : Blue". Though my trail stays green until I restart the race.

• Minor bug — At the "Hold accel [Z] to start" screen on the track Berlin; when another application is being used (like my browser) and the game is still running, the cool explosion sound that plays at the start of Berlin can be heard at seemingly random intervals, like every 5-20 seconds.

Enjoying the game feel so far, as well as the aesthetic. My favourite ship is Mako and my favourite track is Jakata.