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Oo, this slaps! (and quivers, gently, underhand) Great work!

A lovely tale indeed! Great work on making such a cozy mood with sweet visuals and music 😊

Great list, always enjoy it when you get to flex your writing muscles! 😊

Very cool, great work


Dude, what a potent dose of copter chaos! I dig it!

Short & sweet; does not overstay its welcome, and the chunky pixel art & voxely vehicles are lovely! Great work! :D

Short & sweet, fun mechanic! Enjoy the minimalist aesthetic and juicy/bouncy animation! Great work! :D

The unrelenting positivity displayed here made me really content :D

(Green) Thumbs up!

Whoa, beautiful! Truly both visually and mechanically unique. Wonderful work! :D

Wow, fantastic work on the soundtrack! :D

And a gorgeous game indeed! I was also struck by how complete it felt - I've found that while a lot of student games have great art and style, and are cool prototypes, they don't always feel as smooth to play as this game did. The team did a terrific job!

Ludicrously lovely game! :D Enjoyed every aspect: the graphics & animation, (that walk cycle!) the cute sound design and music, and the kid-chucking mechanic. Terrific work!

Terrific and terrifying - like a proper skeleton itself

This is indeed intensely adorable. Terrific art & music; great work! :D

This is very good, great job! :D

Legendarisk :D

Okay, this is already quite promising! I do think you've got something great here! :D Sorry that I don't have any more helpful feedback/critique at the moment, but I hope you continue to work/tinker with it.