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Yeah, it's a little unclear on where to click to confirm which one you want. Once you clicked the button to load the one you want, you have to click it again to accept/confirm your choice. For the randomized one, you have to click it again after selecting the circle, candles and item used to summon them. Hopefully it helps, though the addition of a summon button would make things a little clearer on what to do.

Been messing around on the demo, and I think I may have stumbled across some things.

1. Infinite Throw
I came across this on Crimson Cape during the Aka Manto battle. I had the Stake Knife and Kendo Mask equipped going into it, with Flashlight and Corpus Dust in the inventory. When the battle began, the Kendo Mask had vanished, but I still had everything else. I threw the Flashlight at Aka Manto to weaken it, but then noticed it back in my inventory. As it turns out, I was able to throw the item multiple times in order to weaken them all the way down to 0 strength. I guess it's powerless under a pile of flashlights, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't intentional.

2. Crashing Throw
During the beginning portion of the Bathroom Ghost encounter in School Scissors, while the text is over a blank screen, I was able to pull up the card for the Baseball Bat that I had equipped. I noticed it had the Throw icon, so I threw it... and... well, the game broke. I guess this is why you shouldn't throw bats around indoors.

Regardless, looking forward to the full release.