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Loved it! A very playable mix of Puzzle League block matching and turn-based RPG, with an attractive 16-bit aesthetic and cute character designs.

The later stages felt difficult/unfair at first, but when I tried memorising the enemy attack patterns and planning ahead by setting up 4/5/more block matches, it became quite tactical and satisfying!

Would pay for more!

Astonishing achievement in just 7 days from both an artistic and design standpoint.

Reminiscent of Hoplite as others have mentioned, but it felt far less punitive in terms of the nigh-impossible starting positions that Hoplite gives you in later levels (we've all been isolated on a strip of land with nowhere to hide from a legion of archers and wizards).

In contrast, whenever I (frequently) died in Guncho it was because of poor decisions on my part. In other words, good job! Difficult, but fair

Smart puzzle concept with satisfying depth.
The difficulty was just right for me too, the levels initially appear quite complex but are well crafted to teach new aspects of the mechanics you hadn't previously considered.
Impressive as always!

Clever concept and cute, clear visuals.
Pushing items around the edges of the page and having them appear in the appropriate orientation feels a little bit like magic.
An appealing little paper-themed puzzle!

I really enjoyed this.
The possibility space of this game feels huge, there are lots of moving parts and I'm sure there's more to be found even after spending a few hours with it.
It also has a kind of lonely feeling to it, similar to how Cave Story feels.

Creative and thematic, looking forward to this guys!