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unlikely unlikely unlikely unlickly

does the game not make website save files?

mother loves you!

i have Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable installed yet the game is still not opening nor is it giving me any crash notifications.

i tried to play this on windows but the game is not starting up

i think you gotta tap/click the cursed whestone to unuse it.

p.s. had a cursed whitestone and cursed sword run before unless a update bugged it.

i love the music and the simplicity of the ghost characters. it's so sad i had to say goodbye to my boat. p.s. it was the best boat ever!

Eldritch community · Created a new topic really digging it!

this game has been pretty fun so far just unlocked the second book. 

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this is extremely neat I'm glad co-open shown me this!

also edit: thanks depression you are my friend now :)

sorry for the late reply but I'm getting the publisher unknown i checked with a virus checker and yes iw was a false positive thanks for wanting to help though

is my computer giving me a false positive or does this really have a virus?

10400 beat it nice combo 54 pretty simple started taking damage just to see if i  had infinite health

9:06 to beat the game without working but had to buy presedent to get more push cube upgrades but i did not work at all

8:35 me really fun but had to avoid steroids

This iz great