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I'm afraid I lost the source code to this project :(. I might rewrite it in my new game engine though, but it will take a while 

You probably don't have Java installed. You can download  and install Java. Or if you dont want that you can wait 2-3 months when I have the new version. It will run out of the box without hassle.

yess, i'll fix that in the next version thats annoying indeed.

Thanks for your feedback! I made a simulation similar to this one where you can make your own reactions. Click on universe assembler and type something like 

p0 p1 -> p4 p5; 

That will turn type 0 and 1 into 4 and 5. So you can set all the reactions yourself. 

Download it over here:

Thanks for trying it out! In chemistry life every combination of particles had a different radius where they interacted, thats why you don't see those shells anymore. I'll add it as an option in the next version. 

Very nice, especially the DNA mechanic is cool. 

Hi, thanks for the comment. I can't find a private message tool either but you can email me  here : . 

The .zip file has the Java Runtime Environment bundled with it, its for people who don't have Java installed. If you have Java you can also run the .jar file. 

You can move the camera with W A S D and zoom with Z and X. This way you can place the playfield area in the center. 

Hi, you need to drag and drop some particles into the square above the table first. Then press the button and it will produce a reaction table.