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Budder Golem

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when i try to install through the installer i get an error reading 

"cannot read property of 'build' undefined"

I'm fairly sure this isn't my computers fault as I have tried it on 2 different computers but i mean who knows 

Okay cool thanks!

is the version still v1.0.0, and if it is are you planning on updating it to a newer version maybe with some of the songs from the steam version

Given that this is a rhythm game, I feel like this was inevitable 

just let the record show that when this game turns into an instant cult classic, ya boi was here from da start!

This game has soooooooooooo much potential.  It is a ton of fun, I do feel like the shooting mechanics can be polished up a liiiiiiiitle bit but it works as of now and kind of adds to the feeling of the game overall. More music would be amazing as well but I feel like that's the plan for this game already.