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cute game, 10/10 I jammed my jam into his jam.

loved the jam bounce jars, that was a cool idea! excited to see what you make next. 

cool little game! If there was an endless mode I could probably play this for hours haha, what I'm getting to is, this proto is definitely going to turn into something cool and satisfying in the future. Best of wishes!

super amazing game!
definitely going to put a few hours into speedrunning it.

just a bit of deepdiving XD

Really cute game! Loved every bit of it!

Nearly cried when I only helped 2 people, I shouldn't have went in this  like I did. It made me realise that I should slow down in life, I've tried helping and comforting people as much as I can or so I thought. I really hope the people I have turned down can forgive me.

anyways sorry for the vent,

thanks for this beautiful game.

frog : )

Thanks for playing my game, Pavementlicker Instinct!

Loved your video on this, keep up the amazing work and can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve next!

Amazing! Loved it to bits!

damn they made the slap so satisfying lmao


truly beautiful

Nah, you know your stuff, orange juice gang