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re:curse community · Created a new topic Loved this game!

Hi! Just finished playing it for the first time and came here to comment about how much I liked it haha. The art was lovely and the horror part very well managed

** spoilers ahead? idk just in case **

 I then realized in the description of the game it's stated that there are some hidden treasures in the gamefiles! Ive been taking a look and found some funny stuff, like the whole bunch of characters and monsters that are not part of this game haha. I dont know if youre more inclined to let people explore this stuff on their own, but wanted to ask you in case there was something specific in these files you would like to be found or any post-game comments!

Again, loved the game! Premise, artstyle and execution, all of it! Thank you so much for sharing it! <3<3

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Okay! It took me a while to come back to this game bc I was busy, but am I so glad i did! I loved the end!! It was so pretty... I've been recommending it to my friends haha. Thank you for making it! <3<3
Also thank you for the tip haha

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Hey, I'm stuck in a level. Can you give me a little help? How is it completed?

** spoilers ahead ig **

I tried attaching a pictures, but it's not working. It's the level after you get the ability to break rocks. It has a purple block and a big, pink-blue-purple block.

I tried clearing the purple square's zone and getting it to its resting place, and then also getting the big square to all other resting places. Also breaking all rocks. Im kind of lost here ^^;

Otherwise loving the game, its very cute and well done, as well as original!

Love this game!! Just got to the third round of levels! Immediately died though, way to fast for me hahah at least for the time being. I keep coming back to this! 

this was. so cool! im not one to play scary games by myself, and i played this one in the dark, full screen, headphones on. an amazing experience, leaves you wanting more haha.
guess i'll have to entertain myself with this letter! weird, its not april yet.
thank you for this short yet intense game!

I came here from your other game 'Click to continue' and. Wow!!!! I really like the story being told here and the way you chose to tell it (both medium and how it was written), as well as the casual comments about the GENERIC VIDEO TENNIS match, which made both characters to seem so genuine...
I've been trying for a while to continue this comment explaining how deeply I felt the game, and even though in the end I didn't find the words I just want to congratulate you on the making of this experience. And thank you for it as well!

Pretty funny game! 10/10 voice acting, really made the experience

I'm in love with this game!! It's not the first solo rpg game I've tried, but it is the only one thus far that I've actually been able to play.
Like some other commenters, I've also been having trouble writing even though it's something I love to do, so I resolved to try these kind of games to see if they could help my creativity blockage, and this one really has! The simple rules and preparation required, as well as the flexibility it allows (even though any game can be as flexible as you want it to, but this one even encourages you to change anything that doesn't work for you) allowed me to get playing immediately, and hooked not long after.
It's meant to last around one or two hours, "depending on the cards you draw and the time you spend on each journal entry", but I've been playing for a couple of days now and I'm really enjoying it!
So thank you so much for such a wonderful game. Hope everyone else likes it as much as I do <3

Almost every comment will tell you this game is very sweet, and they're right! I struggled a bit with some puzzles, but overall really enjoyed the story, the playability and the art. Thank you!

It looks so cute!! And the music really makes you think of the good old arcade games. Amazing job!

Hey! Just finished the story and had to come to thank you for such an amazing game!! The mechanics and plot and art got me hooked.
Plus, I really liked the worldbuilding, and am eager to know more about it. Do you have any updates on the following parts?
Again, thanks for the fun!