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94% Done! (you can check how far along the prodject is by going to her blog at of which I have checked in every other day since last January and can not express how happy I am that it's so close to completion, great work creator!)

Stopped playing just to comment, best game I've played in a WHILE and I havent even finished it. I love everything about it. Deep and meaningful story, vibe-ing music, and outstanding art. I could go on, but I must continue playing this amazing creation.

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Does this delay mean is not coming out today (the 3rd) at all? If so how bad is the delay and will we be getting a new date for final release?

 ( Can't wait for the game, I love it so much and it is amazing!! Your love and efforts are clearly seen throughout the game in its quality)

Oh my lowwrdddd It took 3 hours but I at last got both endings and typed a dang walkthrough cause oh my goodness, I can't remember to save my life. This game was amazing, and the ending was so, SO worth every game over and restart <3 <3 ^-^