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OMG, it's perfect. And kinda spooky xD

It's genuinely a lot of fun, esspecially in 2 player mode. We got to a score of around 22100 in a time of 2:22.83 on our best attempt. 

We both wish you a cozy and very nice chrismas time and hope you had as much fun as we did participating. 

Janis & Marie

P.S.: Are those our cats we're controling? If so, spot on! xD

Have something you would love to have in the game? Tell us your ideas ^^

If you encounter any issues or bugs, post them here :)

Thank you very much! We've had a lot of fun making it. 

Seems you're question has already been answered, sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for playing!

Janis & Marie :D

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Hey, me and my gf are really happy you enjoyed our game so much! 

Since the game jam we made this game for, we've worked on a couple different projects and layed the groundwork for a lager game we're really pationate about! ^^ 

So the focus moved away from this game for now, but we still want to update it some time soon. It was so much fun but also so stressfull making this game in the month leading up to christmas. But we still really like the concept and are excited you like it aswell. 

So thank you very much!

If you'r interested in a dead discord: We have a discord-server with no people on there, so if you wanna be the lonely first, we'd love to welcome you there! xD

When the game finally gets an update, or any other project of ours has news, we'll surely post it there.

Janis & Marie

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It`s a great compliment, hearing that from a cat lover like yourself. And yes, you have to build a lot of litterboxes to keep up with all of their pooping. After you handeled their poop you can think ybout selling them some cookies or maybe some catnip, you know... for the fun ;) There are also other rooms you can unlock with each stage. We will continue working on it for the next weeks. 

Glad that you liked it \(^▽^)/

I dind't play to the end, but I really enjoyed adventureing through that little world, finding more out about it and "myself". The art, atmosphere, story and cotrols create a very sound mixture and feeling. It feels great to play this game and it is inspiring. Thank you for creating that (´▿`)

Very cute Art, I like the wood texture. I had some problems with the browser Version, I could somehow only repair the first station. Really like the idea, and execution ( ˙꒳˙ )

I really like the graphics, the cover art and in game terrain. While walking around or more like, gliding xD it itched me to be able to jump around. You know this vibe when you are just sight seeing in a game, jumping around, trying to get on trees xD Do you plan on continuing to work on this project?

I really enjoyed it, its fun every run, a bit like a ressource puzzle. Great Art and Balancing. The next day animation was very cute  (´ ω `♡)

I'm usually not the clicker game type, but the animals are just sooo cute. Great work (─‿‿─)♡

Welcome To Hotel Meow community · Created a new topic Ideas

In case you have an idea or feedback for future updates, let us know and we might add it one day :)

Post your bugs here. We'll try to help as quickly as we can! ^^