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I got too needing to find a key, is that as far as you can go? Also, if I purchase the game will I be able to pick up where I left off? Free version doesn't let you load and whenever I go to click new game it warns if I start I'll lose my progress

Wait when?! I did it and received "friend" but never a photo of me

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Idk, for me its scary and funny, I'd say download it if you're interested because its the only way to play and its definitely worth it! 

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Hella fun

WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED?! I love this game but I can only play the demo so many times! lmao

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Lmao I love this game, babysitting since I was a kid hasn't changed at all

I love this game, when's the release date?


Ah okay

I tried to download but its only an adobe document?

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I gotchu

Edit: Looks interesting! Super pumped to give it a go!

When is it being released?! :o

I really loved playing this game! I used to make jokes all the time about kids shows when I was little and as my niblings grew so this game was a dream come true for that part of me

Loved it! For some reason mopping a haunting house is soothing

No, thank you! Not to sound creepy but I wish I could find women like this in real life who just want to fool around lmfao (I'm a chick but I don't want a relationship right now) ah, sorry just going on and on, anyways! Amazing job! 10/10!

Oh! I chose art! I made it to day 50 yesterday and restarted to raise all my skills so i could do the extra stuff, I'm still on my second playthrough (like peaking on the random teacher in the classroom and letting her know its okay), it makes so much sense that it takes awhile! Count me in as a paying fan once friday hits!

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When will the next update be available!? I would totally put money towards this especially if it helps speed it up! Idk what it is about the teacher and librarian but wow hahaha I'm excited to see more, I searched everywhere for a game like this for so long thank you so much! Definitely grateful, I love how all the n*pples and v*ginas look different, so much detail

Are there more levels after you do the passcode while running from Spongebob the first time?