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so this is stupid, probably double stupid because I highly doubt this is something that's been on your mind at all, but I felt an urge to apologize for leaving this comment, because every once in a while I remember it and feel like a jackass for showing up and going "hey when's your next thing done" in the comments here. I intend to back the 2E kickstarter and even if this is like, not even a real worry or a real concern for you at all, I'm sorry for me several years ago being the kind of person who asks where the new thing is

Finally remembered to pick up this book after forgetting to for several years, but I wanted to ask, having listened to the third season of your AP, when you think a newer version will be publicly available for things like changing some +1s into lifts, or the proper inclusion of professional risk? I know that I could very easily just write those rules into it myself, but I'm still interested in future versions in case of other small balancing changes or mechanical rewordings that might prove interesting or useful as well.