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i’m so sorry but this is hilarious to me

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I didn’t think of that happening. Apologies for that. If you’re interested in giving it another shot, deleting the save data is actually pretty simple.

Go to this file path in File Explorer, locate the file called “catfish”, and simply delete it.


No, I didn’t. I figured out the issue was that I built the game as a “packaged” .exe file, meaning every single file for the game is built directly into the executable file, which, for whatever reason, causes antivirus software to go buck wild. By having it export as an unpackaged file, the game completely passes VirusTotal without issue. However, I currently can’t update the build, as that is locked until the jam’s voting period is over. I sent an email to PossiblyAxolotl, the jam’s host, asking if they are able to do anything about it. I’m currently awaiting a response. Whether it’s before or after voting ends, I’ll be sure to update the build as soon as I get the chance. I might upload the game over on Game Jolt and add a redirect for it here, but I’m still uncertain, as I don’t know how that might comply with the jam rules.

This is really strange. As I’ve stated previously in this thread, Clickteam Fusion games are notoriously finicky with antivirus software, but this is really odd. I don’t know how the game could actually be infected, but I’ll see what I can do to resolve this.

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A solid, fun game! The mushrooms were a little annoying on the RNG, but the mechanics are simple and the movement is fluid. I really like the creativity of everything, too! Vegetables are used as terrain and aquatic creatures are used as obstacles.

The music is quite nice, but it gets repetitive after a few minutes. Visually, it is very nice looking. All of the sprites have a ton of polish and everything looks alive.

Overall, a very nice game!

P.S., I played in Firefox, and the game worked perfectly. Not sure what bug you are referring to.

Strange. Maybe you can try downloading it on another web browser? I’m not sure.

Games made using Clickteam Fusion are always tricky with antivirus software. You’re just gonna have to take my word that the game is safe, but I understand if you want to air on the side of caution.

I want to be sure before the jam starts, but is having other people help with composing music and play-testing permitted?

‘ey here, chump. just so ya know, this business is very lucrative, ‘n boss ain’t wantin’ any whistle-whatchamccallits interferin’. you ain’t got the first clue how dangerous smugglin’ these fishies ‘cross the pond, so i says you take my advice; don’t ask questions ya ain’t ready to hear, ya got it?

this activates the neurons in my brain thank you for making this


do you think that remotely answers my confusion

yo that clock guy hit the grittie and then had a skill issue

you better pay my royalties for me being the main character

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I don’t really understand what the question is. Do you think you can elaborate? I already know it’s grown to be very popular, I found out about this through YouTubers.

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I have made a lot of games in my time (granted it’s mostly just crappy FNaF fan games, so what do I know?) I obviously don’t expect a sprawling adventure from a game-jam game, I’ve participated in two in the past.

However, at least from my experience making game-jam games, four minutes is still pretty short, even for a week long game-jam. I think for a game like this, maybe seven to eight minutes should be good.

EDIT: I’ll play the game when I get the chance, although I don’t think it’ll really change my opinion very much.

That is true. It doesn’t really change my criticisms, but at least it makes more sense. Still though, I imagine it wouldn’t have been harder to extend it by just a little, so there could be more buildup.

I don’t wanna give negative criticism, and I’ve only watched a video of the game, but it’s just not scary.

I watched a video with this game in it, and the game’s only part of the video for five minutes. I haven’t watched any other videos, and even then, I understand basically everything the game has to offer.

The animation looks pretty ugly, although I’m pretty sure that’s intentional (which is fine.) I kinda wish the game was in 2D though, it’d make it feel more authentic honestly, not to mention it would make sense with the game’s logo.

Audibly, everything’s fine. Nothing to really say here.

Is it scary? Not really. It’s too short to really build up any proper horror. Everything feels forceful, I don’t think it could be more obvious that the sheep is going to be killed.

There’s not enough build-up to the scares to make them impactful. It feels like the people in charge of this saw a handful few analog horror videos and just went with what they saw.

Episode 1 gives almost no indication anything is wrong. Episode 2 obviously starts setting up the stakes, but visually almost nothing appears to be wrong.

Episode 3 completely drops the ball and brings everything to night, in a clear attempt to be scary. But then the big reveal comes in. And there’s simply not enough buildup for it to be impactful.

Gameplay wise, I won’t be hard on it since many games have this flaw, but there’s not much to justify it being a game. I don’t really mind if it’s a game or not, but I personally feel like there’s basically no difference in watching a video or playing the game. Minimal gameplay isn’t a bad thing if done right (Henry Stickmin is the perfect example of this.) I don’t like having opinions on a game if I haven’t actually played it, but I don’t think my opinion will change at all even if I play it for myself.

Sorry if I was hard on this game. I just really feel like this game doesn’t have enough things going on to justify it getting popular. If you want to expand upon this game and continue supporting it, you should try to improve upon what you have right now before beginning to add more content.

Haha, don’t worry, it didn’t come across that way. I’ve been demotivated on it, mainly due to the cameras, but I have the security office, hallway, and two cameras. The update is actually built off of the original game, so it won’t be as hard to make it. I’ll make sure to notify you whenever I finish it!

I plan to re-upload the game whenever I finish the updated release. As for if I’ll make sequels, I’ve actually already made some, which will also be updated. They just aren’t on

not my fault if it gets taken off of scratch

The due date will be extended by a week to allow for more time to finalize your games.

dude that wood texture oh my goodness

that’s completely fine! if you don’t wanna do the gamejam, just don’t do it. no worries

that’s a bit disturbing uh i’d say it’s fine though

The jam’s not even 1/3 through, and the game doesn’t really have anything going on. I recommend you continue to develop this game and resubmit it later in the jam. Use your time wisely!

ye, do whatever you want as long as it’s not against the rules

yo that’s clean

i don’t think you should be outmatched

that would be preferable but if they can’t i’ll let it pass

yes, you can

yea it’s completely fine

nah i won’t be participating

yea it’s fine