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I don't know how to make sound effects, generators aren't that good, and I have never tried to make music so, better without music than with bad music.
Uhm, true, you can buy things that cost more than your money, because you have to have less than $0 to win :) .
Thanks for the comment tho, i'm going to add sound effects in the next update!

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New Record, 88, the same as your :D

ok, i got 93

yes, i'm going to release an update, but i don't understand if i need to create a new page.

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this game is fun, the graphics is not the best but it's okay, when it's very fast the circles move weirdly. My record is 82!

1 question, did you use Godot right?

nice mechanics and cool game! I love the soundtrack

this was my first jam, so i didn't take it seriously

yeaaah, i made mine yesterday in like 3/4 hours😂

Well, i submitted my game too, but mine sucks :D

same problem, i just downloaded it from their website

will you add a boss too? or something like that?

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i finished it in 29.22 seconds, nice

and i made a youtube video,