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thanks. Gdrive sometimes gets too many downloads so it takes patience.



Do you have another download location as most of us with free Mega accounts are limited to 4GB and your file is 4.82GB???

Very interesting storyline. At first I was not sure that I would care for the story but as I got into it, I found it to be quite good. It would be even better with animation if that is in your plans. Looking forward to the next release.

I really like this version as compared to the earlier one (maybe a year or so ago) where you just went down a corridor.  Since I saw that you plan on a Steam release, I will look for it and get it there. Great job on this new version.

I read below in other comments that this game is moving to Steam. Is it listed as an upcoming game yet? Do you know when it will be released? Will it be early access at first?

Great that you are back. My only issue is that your downloads are very slow when compared to other games here on itch.

You did a great job on Mist. It certainly is a shame that the cnsors at Steam stopped the release on that platform. I did get it here on itchio. Looking forward to your next game.

Thank you for your quick reply.

Is there any new content in this release versus the previous chapter 14 patched version that was released?

When are you releasing on Steam?


search on the web, it is easy to find

Looks great. When do you expect to release the first part?

You have created a very interesting game and I just purchased it here on itch.  It is a shame that Steam prevented you from selling it on their platform. What is your next project?

Is this any update to the same V1.20.03 Chapter 21 that you released last month?

Why are you not able to sell on the Steam platform???

When are you releasing the game on Steam?

Do you have an anticipated date for release on Steam?

are you getting close to updating the version on Steam since you just released it there??

Will this update the game that is on Steam?

Super. Thanks

are you going to update this game on Steam with part X??

I stand corrected. Are you going to put this on Steam in early access in the near future???

You ought to release this demo on Steam. I have wishlisted your game after playing this demo and I'm sure that others would also do so.

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Thank you for your quick reply. I have moved around so only the girl has the interact E above her head and the guy still comes up with the phrase. I have quit the game and gone back in and have had the same result several times.  

I found your Discord channel link on Patreon and will add your channel to my list.


Hi, Great game but I am having an issue a quest in the latest update, namely, the quest "go to the nightclub during the day to find Breto Roxo."  When I go to the VIP Lounge area and interact with the 2 guards, I get the response "Sorry this is a restricted area." When I try to interact with the woman and just the :E" appears above her and not the guards, I get the same picture of one of the guards and the same response. I am never able to interact with the woman and see her responding. Is this quest supposed to be done a night even though the quest indicates the day or is there something missing in the game or do we have to start a new game with this 6.1 update? Thanks. Your game is very well done with an interesting approach to graphics.

are you going to get this on Steam?

Great game. I just updated my review. Looking forward to continuing the story. This game will do well on Steam when you release it on that platform.  Keep up the great work.

Great to hear

It is showing 6.4GB on Mega.  Do you have another download place?

Have you considered putting your game on the Steam platform? You have developed a game that has a great story with unique graphics that IMO would be a great game for that platform and give you a much wider audience.

Very nice game. Why do each of your updates negate any previous saves?