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Super game.  Great plot that makes it very interesting to play......

I put the save file into the game package contents.  I entered the name of the game into the file name, SavXXX, for the game into the file name but nothing happened until I right clicked on the saved file name.  It then showed a group of buttons that looked like an old telephone dial pad (hero, relationship, inventory, & quest) and information at the top of the page concerning character assets (food, water, light, moral, clock, & day)).  I could click on the items in the dial pad but nothing would go forward from there.  Was there a specific location that I should have put the save file folder? Also, when I start the game initially Your game always asks to connect to the web.  Is that a requirement for the game to run??

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I have run into this problem with other games using some versions of Unity (especially Unity 2017) no matter where the game is installed. I have seen this also with games on Steam using some versions of Unity particularly when the Mac has an AMD graphics card. 

The adult warning page comes up and can be clicked away.  Then the start or new game page comes up and all of the buttons appear to work (the mouse over causes them to change).  I click on new game and some dialog buttons appear, NEW GAME, FILE NAME, CONFIRM, CANCEL.  I then type in a name for the game and hit confirm and nothing happens although the picture in the background is still scrolling/moving. No music at all.

UPDATE: I spent a little time going thru some of the unix files and found a couple of places where there are syntax errors noted. So if you use Unity 2017 plus some syntax errors, that may be the issue causing the game not to start up.

I just wanted to let you know that I downloaded the Mac zip file and tried to run the game. It will load the start game page but then it will not go beyond that at all. I am using Mac OS 10.14.6 on a 2012 Mac Pro 3.46Ghz, 48GB RAM, RX580 8GB video card.   


Any chance that you could release the Mac version as a zip file?  A rar file does not always expand properly even when using the unarchiver app.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Is the game the same as the Desired Love 6.4 with just a name change or have you added some things so we have to start over?

Would it be possible for you to have a .zip file for the Mac.  I have had issues expanding.rar files even when using the Unarchiver application. It used to work in High Sierra (10.13) but not in Mojave (10.14) for some reason. Thanks.

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Absolutely great game. A real detective story that is quite enjoyable. 


It is a very well done game with great graphics but I dislike timed events such as you use.  

I was able to use the new link and download the game.  It runs very well and you have developed a great story.  Thank you very much.

Your Mac download link to Mega does not seem to work

It expanded and opened fine. It would not reopen a save from the previous version but that was okay as I just started a new one.  Thanks again.


If possible, could you please post a zip file for the Mac version as rar files don't always work when expanded.  Thanks.

Is there more content on the Steam release than what has been released here?

The latest update was much better. Thanks

Are you going to release later versions here on itchio?

The game is interesting in your first release and the UI is easy to learn. I played the Mac version and it ran fine without any issues.  My only recommendation is that the dialog and some of the dialog buttons need some proof reading.   

Yes it did, thanks again.

Usually the Unarchiver will work on rar files but sometimes it doesn't for some unknown reason.  Thanks for posting the zip version.

Hi, I downloaded the Mac update today and used "The Unarchiver" since it was a "rar" file. This program will usually work on these files, however, it did not.  If possible, could you post a zip file for the Mac release?  Thanks.

Is this just a re-release or has the game been updated?

I found the place where it is input.  On the main page, there is a dialog for code input. It is inserted after clicking on the button and it works.

Thank you.

Is the game on Steam a complete game or just an incremental version from what has been posted here??

Have you ever considered putting this game on Steam? There are a lot of erotic VN games there now that have been here on itchio and/or gamejolt.

The Mac download is also the pc version.

I've enjoyed your game.  Keep up the great work.

When is your game going to be released on Steam?

The Mac version 0.31 runs very well under Mac OS 10.14.6.  I have not had any issues.  Also, I really like the new UI that you did.  

Sure, just let me know. Since most VN under Renpy probably work the same, it could be as simple as making sure that image 6 is actually in the program and/or has the correct pointer to its location.

Have you fixed the missing image 6 in the Mac version of day 2?  The game will never advance because the mother in not in the bedroom after the yelling in the living room.

Thank you for your quick reply. It really tells me that you are very interested in responding to players of your games.

Is it best to restart the game with this new update?  I cannot seem to get past 46%. Love the game and have been playing it for several months.  Very well done mystery type game with great graphical animations.

Is there a free downloadable Mac demo?  It does not show up after clicking on download.

Looking forward to your next game.