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Is this going to be your release price on Steam? Or will you have a discount?

When will this update be on Steam?



Is that price going to be what it will be on Steam?

When will this update be released on Steam?

Great game. I purchased it on Steam.


When will it be released on Steam?

when will it be released on Steam?

super idea!

Thank you.

Will this new version be also released on Steam?

It won't download here via Mega. A dialog came up stating that the download files were no longer there. Did you remove the download because you are releasing on Steam?

Thanks. I already bought it on Steam. The game is very interesting with changes in decisions definitely changing outcomes. Nice job.

What will be the early release price on Steam?

thanks. I will be looking forward to it.

I noticed that your game is going to be released on Steam. Do you have an estimation of when? I have already wishlisted it.


are you going to eventually release this on Steam?

What is going to be the price when released on Steam?

Interesting game but I think that you will need a map in the future as well as some tutorial. For example, to make a drink for the elf we have to go into the room with COOK on the door. Why isn't that behind the bar instead of in the kitchen? Also where do you have to go to find meat? I haven't a clue. I saw some higher ground near the lake but was unable to get up there to see if that was where that was located?

thank you

Do you have an estimated date for release on Steam?


Is your second season ever going to be released on Steam?

Magissy community · Created a new topic Steam Demo

Are you going to post a demo on Steam?

Are you still going to release the game on Steam?

I know that but we paid for it there does that not count for your releases here? At least a discount???

What about those of us that bought it on Steam???

When do you think that it will be released on Steam?