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Fixed some typos and added some missing lines based on the Russian version.
copy & paste to vocabularyPt-BR.json

thx again for this great application Cosmo!

It's "pt-BR" my system's language code.

The Database error appeared after I tried to delete the default notebook "Welcome to Cosmic Everyday".

I fixed some small grammatical errors btw

I'm looking forward for the new features! keep it up

Thank you for this amazing app!!

I have some suggestions: I know we can delete a notebook in the homepage, but could you make a button to delete it from the "Notebook"  menu? (or just press the delete key to show a confirmation to delete it) Also the possibility to delete Jumbles. And would be cool if you could have multiple sketches saved inside Cosmic Everyday.

Here is some stuff hardcoded in english inside the app


Great job with the app! I started using it yesterday and decided to translate to Brazilian Portuguese.

"Pt-BR": "Portugues Brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese)"

"Pt-BR": "Portugues Brasileiro (Бразильский португальский)"

the json is 100% translated but I think some stuff is hardcoded in the app