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how do you bottom chester? all ive done is the shower scene and the bedroom scene at the shelter with the toys

is it in the CS select or before. Also do you need to do or say a certain thing in order for it to activate?

how do you get the massage scene

How do you get this massage scene with Jun? Is it like next to shoichi in bed or not?

MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS .just to let everyone know, I ran into some problems during the match day with chester on day 26. happened whenever I hit the D key and when chester is hit by the ball from rodriguez.

there will be in the future hopefully.

Was wondering how to set up and start the game from downloading it. I did that from this website and had all the files, but don't know how to actually play the game. Would really appreciate it if anyone could help. I use a Dell laptop Inspiron 13, 5000 series.