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60th version, 5 years, 1 version per month, ma men, you are indeed a legend whorty of praise.

May all the luck and the blessings in the world be with you.

Only reading the changelog I can smell peak content

good point

I’m not the creator but people can give you tips…

  1. In you inventary you have a Journal (I dont remember the object name) so you know what have you done or forgot
  2. In the Slum there is a woman who can tell you (One time only) all the things you have left to do (More like she would tell you the adventures)
  3. Sleep, some mission doesnt advance if you dont sleep, also try looking for all the characters you know if they talk about somenthing

Could you add the function… (If it’s very complicated, obviously not), custom music? I mean, you even leave a .txt that tells us that, if we leave an mp3 file or whatever works in RPGMaker, in a specific folder, it will play in the background, but it doesn’t have to be one for each area, but one general for the entire game, and if we want we can deactivate it, if we want to change it we must close the game, change it and reopen it, like a kind of beta

Try download it in PC and then pass to android If the thing is you dont have pc, in the browser should be an option that says “View as desktop” try that

Out of curiosity… Is there much story left to develop? Because the truth is, more than the segs scenes, what has caught me the most about this game is the story and the relationship between the characters, no matter how long it takes since we know it’s only you the one who is working… The most incredible thing is that you release updates every month. You’re the best :y

(Message made with Google translator)

PD: What do you recommend “studying” or “learning” to make games? or to start…

Health first, game later, people understand, get well

lol, I didnt download the game… I just came here for Carole(?)

I don't think the game is dead... I think the devs are dead... cause there is no action from them for like... 2 years... and you know what happend 2 years ago

The game is compleate in Stream

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After seeing your question I started to ask myself the same, and regarding the editor. I put RVData2 editor and found a page... I don't remember the name or link, but you can find it easily I hope

And I was slowly leveling up too, only I gave up halfway through level 19

the place where you rest, a man who give you info if you give him food, :v try different foods and a lots of days, until he mention the pass

look for the place where there is a coffin and the hands want to take you, and let yourself go (?)

Just for curiosity... you will or can be added music to the game? like... Background music? General, not specific to each area, so the game is not so... monotonous (I dont know is that is the word I was looking for but, you understand)

I... Cheated :v, but yes there is a failsafe scenario... If you defeat Malice, the game say that they dont have any dificult to travel around the island, and so, the game ends