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A member registered Oct 10, 2020

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my nightmares are more “easy” end i also change account

Im making a 2d game in unity called “dream box : my dreams

Is a game whit My dreams that are “playable”

and about the other game i use mac soo

also my favorite pc game

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i rly want to donate to you but i have no money

things to be better 

move whit the moving platforms

better grab system

(the system himself)

(right mouse to grab end left mouse to throw)

and options (change the sound volume)

also my dreams are stranger than yours 

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yeah is that the why i dont play this game also c i use mac end the file is in exe sooo 

game not working in mac :(

é mas o principal da jam é o aprendizado. com ela eu aprendi muito sobre unity pq comecei pouco tempo na jam.

meu nome no dd é biron

um jogo para a game jaaJ5 que top 

infelizmente nao consegui terminar o meu jogo :(

of curse 

rly bad gameplay ,camera end server (i think the server is my connection but is a option) but if you better this the  game is gonna be soo soo good

i can play for free in browser 

I CANT execute exe files

i cant pass the wood help what i do 

how i open the first door?

i wait 2 hours to this game load 

looks good:)

i cliked bc the thumbnails is bad lol

best story mode lol

cool i gonna wait updates like levels enemys end gun

a game similar


i can  report now is very cool

40 secunds

i just kidding lol

yeah i try to use construct but i really hard to use in my mother MacBook (i use)

is hard lol. i try to use construct 3 but i dont like :( end the unity is good but i cant use

how i get out of choose pet?

yeah this game is bad lol

You use scratch enf hmtl5lifer to make end import that game?

i think the creator make a good job making a game like real life


he dont say all the levels

i want download in mac

so many good frames. looks like a real gameboy game:) end a really good gameplay