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Pretty fun, but also very easy. I'd love to see an update to this to make it harder!

When the snake tried to bite me and I used the Whiskey, it told me I made a baby but I didn't get the Baby card :( My baby...

I want to play this, but the window it starts in is too big for my screen and I don't see any option to change that :(

I keep replaying this game over and over again. It's so much fun, even with the limited enemies, cards, and events. Please consider turning this into a full game!

This is... a masterpiece. I truly enjoyed myself from beginning to end - I couldn't even bring myself to be sad it was over, the ending graphics and final scene were so cute!

I will note there was a minor bug with the Berserker Splash Axe skill, though - sometimes the second excess damage attack wouldn't trigger. I'm not entirely sure what causes this - I think most of the attacks it didn't trigger on were critical hits, so maybe a bug with the critical damage calculation...? It wasn't game breaking, just made battles last a few hits longer than they would have otherwise.

I laughed a lot, thank you.

Astonishing experience. Coda's voice acting makes the game absolutely haunting.

Do yourself a favor and play this.

I, uh, don't think that's in the game lmao?

Sounds like someone hasn't even played the game??? It's so hard to get anything to pass in this game LMAO