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Really wanted to play, but the game stopped responding to input. Reloaded the page and now even clicking "Play" does nothing. :(

I'm on Google Chrome in Chrome OS.

Loved this. And actually really appreciated that it had a happy ending, but one that was REALISTIC.

Gave it another try and managed to roll three Crit 1s in a row. Def need some tweaks to the RNG and/or balancing.

I only got as far as trying to follow up to the second screen and got Error: QuotaExceededError. I'm on Google Chrome on Chrome OS.

This is super neat! A smidge too difficult for me just bc I do not have good hand-eye coordination, but I enjoyed it all the same.

It says playable in browser, but I can't figure out how to launch the game? All I see is what looks like a big poster for the game. There's nothing  I can click on that says Play or Launch Game. Am I missing something? I am in Google Chrome on Chrome OS, if that matters.

Cute! I like it. Gets boring fairly easily for me, but it's a nice, straightforward game to play.

I tried to play it for the first time. Went through the Options first and changed some things, when I backed out I got 'Error: Quota Exceeded.'

Simple, but cute and enjoyable. Main complaint is that when you try to walk away from an NPC, a lot of the time it triggers them to talk again.

This is adorable so far! Would love to see more. <33

I love this, thank you for making it.

Nice. Was a smidge heavy on the purple prose to the point of being difficult to understand even as someone who's always been a big reader and has a pretty strong vocabulary, but otherwise I really liked this. That's my only complaint. Very dark and deep and heavy, but in a good way.

Cute and pretty easy to play, but frustratingly easy to die. Would be very helpful to add a save feature of some kind, even if just as an infrequent option under ? as I have yet to make it past level 3 or 4.