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I'm gana start a new one soon

ok , I'll add you kk. 

As The Light Fades community · Created a new topic Um......

my channel got shut down (i'm sorry)

HI can i ask? are the puzzles in the game hard?

Hello im BryChestAfflux, will this run an I core 3 processor? If yes ill play this :)

hello do you made this game on your own?

or with a team?

thanks ill play after my christmas

ok XD

I played it and it was fun. And i hope you like this video that i made.

can i ask how much time will you be play in this ? :)

may i ask if you made this game by 3 people or a team?

i can't play pls need help :(

thank you please do tell if your finish with this game kk. see yea in the future

Hi developer i finish the game and it was nice. I hope you will watch this full video that i made.

XD ok 

quick question do you work this game alone or a team?

thanks m8 keep it up

it's fine

HI i'm BryChestAfflux the finding of scrolls in this game is hard, but not bad for your first game.

here's me playing:

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I'm BryChestAfflux and the game is still the working progress right.  Yet, still a nice prototype game not bad.

Here's a link on how i played it.

Please comment me if you read this :).