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such a creep

I'm digging the outlast vibes. Such a great game

the game impressed me so much, it delivered fear and horror without using a creature chasing you, It's fear of the unknown, I love the PT style 

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here's a gameplay video, my fingers were fighting each other to press x, z and move at the same time lol

It's really impressive

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well here's my gameplay

here's my gameplay video with commentary

here's my gameplay video

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Gameplay video

here's my Gameplay video

check out my gameplay 

here's some gameplay

there's too many Slenderman games, is this new? i mean is it different than the rest. I didn't see people's videos or comments so I'm askin

I got stuck in a wall so I had to cut the video, also I couldn't get that effect that happens on the picture of wife & husband so the door opens, I kept trying but nothing happens

here's my gameplay  video, not the best commentary but here ya go

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here's some gameplay. I didn't sit on the chair so i died 

interesting but needs a lot of work