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This is so cute, I’d love seeing Mona in more levels causing more trouble

This is a very precious game!

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Very cute game, I’d love more level and enemies. I made a tool-assisted speedrun

Amazing concept! It was only a little hard to scroll

From the moment I realized what was really going on until the end my mouth was open, hard to believe this idea came to existence. Congratulations, that’s a well deserved award!

I LOVED THIS! It was great having the “aha!” moments, i’d love more of this!

I really loved this concept, this idea can make quite a variety of puzzles

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The aesthetics is SO GOOD, can’t wait to be fully imersed with the whole plot and background music.

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I loved this version, I made a tool-assisted speedrun of it

Such a delight to play, very clever rooms, i loved it!

My day is already 100% better

Amei demais, a animação da Loba é muito boa, e as cores são lindas, eu ia amar isso de fato num GameBoy