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Also Gazala works as before: all victory teargets captured within Brilliant and it does not stop  

Even in .5 there are no victory objectives 

it is difficult to embark even paratroopers

Panzer Marshal community · Created a new topic Crete

I hoped 3.2.3 solved the lock problem in Crete, but at turn 2 it locks

Panzer Marshal community · Created a new topic Saturn

I got a Defeat playng russian but I cannot find any Russian home target


Panzer Marshal community · Created a new topic Crete

Crete scenario blocked at turn 6 , when the aicraft carrier appeared, I beleve as in malta

Thanks for your efforts



this is what happens in Malta?

Hello. In Malta scenario after third allied turn it freezes

in old PG it was calle d "disbanding" for points 

thaks and pls can you tell me how to sell/disband a unit for points? tks

How did you manage

I only have Italian units

Mandritsara scenario where do you deploy? tks ciao

in Eilboat  I held all targets passes withi Brilliant, nothing all the way to having all axis but the result was defeat  . the instructions are not clear   please assist ciao Brunetto

In Gazala all cleaned out all Italian at time for Brilliant and at turn 21 still no victory

Please tell me where I'm wrong


IAK campain Operation Brevity what is the objective for Brilliant? I had the VH, deploying only one unit,  but nothing happened. tks

I found 42,8 but not Post 32 pls help

Can you please explain how to disband a unit for prestige? tks

Yes please explain the VH to hold, a 42,8 does not fit the grid, also post 32 is not traceable. Yes I also met the desert ship