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I installed the pc version. Are the download versions swapped?

1.66, the image of the game only gets good with in window, in full screen the image have  problems

I already installed again, it continues with the same problem.

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Can someone help me? I installed version 1.66 but when I started the game, appear black things, the screen is almost black in the conversations and the characters appear upside down

I liked "Harold day 28" and also liked the idea of the game, a lot of fun.
Can we have another month with Harold?

I downloaded 1.59, that's fine. Thanks for the help, I love the game, continue to work it with the same spirit :)

I finished Harold's 26th but I do not have 27th, I do not know why, can anyone help me?

I already have the update 1.58, if I delete the file of uptade 1.56, I will lose the saves?