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hey guys, I also need help with getting my baby off my ceiling. he's chanting some gibberish.


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man I love the reference also got 41

change to english please


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people who say "pupper" and "doggo" now classified terrorist

X  doge


My hips don't lie

X hipster


before you do a new page, make sure to download the page you have so far before you make a new one.

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I hate who ever dared me to go in this school and they are not gonna be my friend again 

arrows don't work right, I press the forward arrow, i goes backward, fix the freakin' controls man

you okay man?

yeah good game. it is beautiful. just watching three people smoke is so fun! 

oh I looked for a walkthrough before but I could not find it, good job for finding one even though I beat the game bro!

I remember playing this non game, this can't be a real game because it's so good, on newgrounds. still a good game no matter what